Building moves six blocks in Washington

A Washington man has moved a three-story building six blocks into the city’s downtown. The building has been inching closer and closer to its destination all week long and as of Saturday, Feb. 27, is nearly 50 feet from its future foundation. The developer plans to rent out the first two floors for commercial uses and turn the third floor into apartment dwellings. That is very impressive considering the city council declared the building a “dangerous structure” in November and was ready to tear it down.

Editor’s Note: It was 22 degrees outside when I shot this video. The cold affected both my speech and at times my ability to think, so please ignore the few slip-ups I have.



2 Responses to “Building moves six blocks in Washington”

  1. David Says:

    That’s pretty cool. Makes me think of

  2. Andy Hallman Says:

    The building moved in Washington is big, but it’s not quite in the same league as the space shuttle behemoth.

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