How to contact me

My email address is
You can also find me on skype by searching for andy.hallman.

If you’d prefer to talk over the phone, my cellular telephone number is 712-358-2582.

I also offer face-to-face consultations at my place of employment at 111 N. Marion Ave. in Washington, Iowa.


2 Responses to “How to contact me”

  1. Cathy Lloyd Says:

    Yo Andy! (The internet is wonderful, you can find anyone!)

    Just wondering if you would want to cover the Uptown Girls’ “Witches Night Out” next Thursday, October 11 from 5-8 at any of the Uptown Girls shops. Or, of course, if you’d like to dress as a warlock, you could actually attend the party!

    This is a fun event which attracted a lot of interest last year when it was held for the first time…

    P.S. I see you are a true believer, what in the hell are you doing in Washington Iowa??? Most of the fans of Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker have already been run out of town on a rail! (How I escaped, I’ll never know)

  2. Myrian Says:

    Hello Andy,
    So, my name is Myrian Marquez, live in Brazil and, I usually read your blog.
    It’s is very interesting.I have never read someone talking about imigration like you.
    Here, there is a TV show that is called “Manhattan Conection” I always watch. It is about economy, politic and culture and they make comparisons between countries as USA and others.
    They are very good, too.
    Well, I’m just writing to say that I’m your reader.
    Keep writting in your blog.
    I’ll thank you for this.

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